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Our mission is to empower and support parents living with debilitating chronic conditions and their children through education, referrals, nutrition, and special days.

Parents with disabilities and debilitating conditions often need a hand with a number of everyday parenting task. Some of these tasks include: running after and playing with their children, helping their children with homework, attending conferences, showing up to last-minute meetings at their children’s school, planning special events for their children, and other recreational activities to name a few.


The Supreme Court recognized the importance of community integration of people with disabilities in the 1999 case Olmstead v. L.C. ex rel. Zimring. Susan Stefan, disability attorney, stated during this time, “Family integration is not only a natural corollary to community integration; it is a fundamental component of community integration."


We believe that every parent and child deserve support from their community no matter their circumstances. Your Special Day, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, was created to recognize and uplift the children of parents with disabilities or ongoing conditions with a day solely for and about them. Furthermore, we will continue to support the parents as well by providing other support programs for the entire family.



Your Special Day was created to support children and youth whose parents have chronic debilitating conditions.


The goal of Your Special Day is to free these bright, beautiful children from their typical stressors and give them an opportunity to take some time to live and laugh while receiving special services and outings.


The Bridge to Hope program began to provide much-needed support to disabled and chronically ill parents and guardians.

The goal of the Bridge to Hope Program is to

empower and support parents and guardians who

live with chronic conditions and disabilities.

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