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In 1923, the Supreme Court established parental rights.

In 1927, the Supreme Court denied those rights to parents with disabilities.

In 1992, the Americans with Disabilities Act was established. However, parents with disabilities still see their children taken away on account of their disability.

In 1999, The Supreme Court recognized the importance of community integration of people with disabilities in the case Olmstead v. L.C. ex rel. Zimring. Susan Stefan, disability attorney, stated during this time, “Family integration is not only a natural corollary to community integration; it is a fundamental component of community integration."

There are over 4.1 million parents in the U.S. living with disabilities with children younger than 18. However, there is still the pernicious belief that parents with physical or intellectual disabilities cannot adequately care for and raise their children, leading to an 80% loss of custody rate.


Parents with disabilities often face biases that affect their confidence to seek help while needing assistance with various parenting tasks, including enjoying recreational activities with their children. helping their children with homework, attending conferences, showing up to last-minute meetings at their children’s school, planning special events for their children, and other recreational activities to name a few


We believe that every parent and child deserves support from their community no matter their circumstances. Your Special Day was created to recognize and uplift these special kinds of families with supportive services and access to a better quality of family life.

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