This program's objective is to free these bright, beautiful children from their typical stressors and give them an opportunity to take some time to live and laugh. 


On the child's "Special Day," they will have the option to choose a day of fun and excitement, or a day of pampering, or a celebration party. At the end of their "Special Day," they will be given unique gifts based on their interests and needs.

Below are three categories of activities for the children to choose from. We highly suggest picking the activity together.

Fun and Excitement
  • Kids Museum

  • Theme Park

  • Themed Arcade

  • Roller Skating

  • Go-Carts

  • Bowling

  • Miniature Golf & more

Swagged Out or Glammed Up

  • First, let’s go get nails/ grooming service.

  • Second, haircut/ hair-do is a must.

  • Finally, let’s go grab an outfit.

  • To look fly photo at your photo shoot.


  • Birthday Parties

  • Graduation Parties