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Who is the program for?

Your Special Day was created to support children and youth whose parents have chronic debilitating conditions. These children often have to grow up faster and take on more responsibility than others their age. In underserved communities like Watts, these children may face additional adverse childhood experiences.

What are the goals and objectives of the program?


The Your Special Day program is designed to remind boys that their circumstances do not define them by providing them with a number of outlets and services to free them from stressors.

This program's objective is to free these bright, beautiful children from their typical stressors and give them an opportunity to take some time to live and laugh. 

Children who go through this program receive a number of support services ranging from special outings that free them from stressors to addressing the personal needs of each child through tailored support services and emotional support for children via our CRM section of the program.

We are currently seeking families living in the following cities: South Los Angeles, Watts, Compton, Inglewood, Gardena, Hawthorne, Huntington Park, and South Gate, California.

•   The initial “Your Special Day” outing 

•   Birthday cake & gift

•   CRM workshops

•   Referrals for resources for the children            (e.g., recreation and afterschool programs)

•   Group outings for youth

    (e.g. field trips, picnics, etc.)

  •     One Special Day

  •     One birthday cake a year

  •     Referrals for resources as needed

  •     Group outings twice annually

  •     CRM training once a week for 30 minutes            (over the course of a one month period)

When & How Often

What are the main activities or services

Below are three categories of activities for the children to choose from. We highly suggest picking the activity together.

Fun and Excitement
  • Kids Museum

  • Theme Park

  • Themed Arcade

  • Roller Skating

  • Go-Carts

  • Bowling

  • Miniature Golf & more

Swagged Out or Glammed Up

  • First, let’s go get nails/ grooming service.

  • Second, haircut/ hair-do is a must.

  • Finally, let’s go grab an outfit.

  • To look fly photo at your photo shoot.


  • Birthday Parties

  • Graduation Parties

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